social impact policy of new beginnings housing CIC

About New Beginnings Housing

New Beginnings Housing is a community interest company specialising in providing high quality recovery housing for people with addiction issues. With expertise in the field spanning more than 30 years, New Beginnings Housing providies the best recovery outcomes by individually tailoring bespoke housing provisions for vulnerable people.

Our goal is to provide recovery-friendly housing that assists people throughout the different stages of their recovery journey and maximises the chances of success. Our housing provisions provide the right environmental conditions for change and integration back into the community.

For more information call 01253 728898 or alternatively contact us online.

Social Impact Policy

New Beginnings Housing is registered as a Community Interest Company and as a consequence of our daily activities, our ethos is completely underpinned by the desire to re-invest, in some form, back into the community which we serve.

Within the fabric of this policy, on a yearly basis, all directors will implement effective strategies, mainly by the activation of financial donations to closely linked charities of which they assess will directly have a beneficial, positive social return for all the communities we operate within.

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